What's Something That You Feel Like You "Can't" Do?: Is there something you've always told yourself you "can't" do because you're not smart enough, thin enough, experienced, etc? You'll definitely want to tune in to this episode on the Day in the Life podcast! #motivation #inspiration #personaldevelopment

This week I chatted with Sandy and Jeni from Namastream and our conversation got me thinking about how people approach things they feel like they “can’t” do. It was eye-opening to me that neither Sandy nor Jeni had a software engineering background, yet here they are, creating an incredible software company.

Like, have you told yourself your entire life that you “can’t” do something for one reason or another? I know I have.

I’ve told myself “I’m not athletic” “I can’t draw” “I’m not smart enough/experienced enough to do XYZ”

While I’m certainly not going to be the next Michael Jordan or Picasso, I can, in fact do some of these things, I just don’t try because I won’t be the best or the expert at it.

Of course, this is perfectionism peeping it’s ugly head into my subconscious again and I’m sure many of you may feel the same. It’s uncomfortable to do new things but to quote marketing expert Seth Godin, “fear is a compass, not a barrier. It becomes a way to know what to do next, not an evil demon to be extinguished.”

Tune into this episode to find what you can do to start doing that one thing you feel like you “can’t” do, but have always wanted to.

What’s Something That You Feel Like You “Can’t” Do?

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