Day in the Life of a Meteorologist: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for a Meteorologist? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast with Sean Sublette to find out!

Today’s interview is with Meteorologist Sean Sublette! With all of the hurricanes, wildfires, polar vortexes happening across the US, I thought it’d be interesting to bring on a Meteorologist to talk about what a day in their life is like!

Sean shares: what it was like to work as a local network meteorologist and how those days different than the work he does now at Climate Central, his thoughts on climate change and how we can do small, incremental things to have a positive impact on our environment, what exactly is a polar vortex and how it actually plays into climate change, the margin of error in his job and how he handles criticism and so much more!

Excited for you to tune in and hope you enjoy!

Day in the Life of a Meteorologist | Sean Sublette

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • What it’s like to work as a local network meteorologist.
  • Sean’s thoughts on climate change and how it’s related to polar vortexes.
  • What a polar vortex actually is and what causes it.
  • Incremental changes you can make in your life to have a positive impact on our environment.
  • What he struggles with the most in his career.
  • Misconceptions people have about meteorologists.
Sean Sublette is working on Climate Central’s Climate Matters program, bringing 19 years of experience as a broadcast meteorologist.
Before joining Climate Central, Sublette was Chief Meteorologist at WSET in Lynchburg, Va. Previously, he was morning meteorologist at WSLS in nearby Roanoke. Prior to his promotion to Chief Meteorologist in Lynchburg, the Virginia Association of Broadcasters awarded his team Best Morning Show six times in eight years.
Sublette was also an Adjunct Professor at Lynchburg College, teaching two courses: Introductory Climate Science and Meteorology. Before starting his broadcast career, he briefly worked for a federal contractor at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
He has served on the American Meteorological Society’s Distinguished Science Journalism Award Committee and has been a script reviewer for American Institute of Physics’ Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Science. He holds the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal and was a member of the AMS Board of Broadcast Meteorology from 2006-09, serving as Board Chair in 2009.
Sublette earned his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Meteorology from Penn State.

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