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On today’s show, I have Kristen Ley who is the Founder and Owner of Thimblepress, located in Jackson, Mississippi.

Kristen and I were introduced through episode guest Katie Hunt and we immediately hit it off. I get the pleasure of working with Kristen to help get Thimblepress even more press than it already attracts. Talk about dream job!

Kristen and I talk about what it’s like to run a profitable, online business, how she started partnering with brands such as Hallmark and Target, her proudest moments and hardest struggles, and more!

Excited for you to tune in and hope you enjoy!

Kristen Ley | Founder of Thimblepress: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for the founder of Thimblepress? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast to find out! #entrepreneur #entrepreneurtips #smallbusiness

Kristen Ley | Founder of Thimblepress

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • What she struggles with the most being the owner of an online business.
  • The way she initially connected with big brands like Hallmark and Target and what it was like to get those emails.
  • How she sets boundaries at work and in her home space so she’s not constantly working.
  • Kristen’s tips on connecting on a deeper level with your customers.
  • Advice Kristen would offer to someone who wants to start their own business.

Kristen Ley is the founder, owner and creative director of Thimblepress®. Founded in a garage back in 2012, Thimblepress® is design & lifestyle company aiming to create products that make people happy and encourage celebrating each other and ourselves. Each product is filled with loads of love & color. Thimblepress® is sold in over 900 retail shops internationally and Thimblepress® products are also available on Thimblepress.com. Thimblepress® recently sold an exclusive line of products in Target stores and Target.com, and has collaborated and/or with many different brands such as Hallmark, Moon & Lola, Glitter Guide, Throw Pillow, Speak Wines, June & January & Keds.

Thimblepress® loves unique products that help elevate & showcase personal style be it on a desk, in hands or on walls. Thimblepress® wants to be a part of helping you create lasting memories, fill a room with color, bring a smile to a face & make you feel unique & special. 

In Kristen’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends & her Goldendoodles Willow and Henry in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. She also loves Jesus, painting, travel, perusing the local flea markets & a good movie on Netflix.

Key takeaways from this episode

I want to make sure that I'm there for them and that they know how important they are to our business. - Kristen Ley  Click To Tweet I had stories of death, life, celebration and they talked about how the products we create at Thimblepress were an integral part of that memory for them. - Kristen Ley Click To Tweet

“You have to be really intentional and mindful about connecting.” – Kristen Ley

“Hallmark reached out to us, which I give credit to God and I believe he brought me that opportunity.” – Kristen Ley

“Buyers want to hear the story and want to feel connected to you.” – Kristen Ley

“Take the time to really think about what are your core values, what makes you you.” – Kristen Ley

I think we're more disconnected in relationships these days. - Kristen Ley Click To Tweet

“If you’re truly being you, you’re going to want to promote and stand behind those products.” – Kristen Ley

“Boundaries were a thing that were really hard for me when I first started.” – Kristen Ley

“I have to focus back in on our customers because at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.” – Kristen Ley

“Where you’re saying yes to, is where you’re spending your life.” – Kristen Ley

“You don’t have to take every opportunity. You don’t have to say yes to things you don’t want to do.” – Kristen Ley

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Kristen Ley | Founder of Thimblepress Kristen Ley | Founder of Thimblepress


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