Let's Boost Our Moods by Drawing!: Did you know that drawing can reduce tension and stress in your life? Drawing can also be a huge mood booster too! Tune in to this episode on the Day in the Life podcast to find out how you can incorporate drawing into your daily life. #mood #motivation #inspiration #drawing

This week I chatted with Emily Mills who is obviously a creative and artistic genius. I made it clear how much I lack the skills to draw or be artistic in any sort of way, but after last week’s minisode about stopping myself from saying that I “can’t” do something, I’m trying to change my language and how I speak about my drawing skills.

I then started looking into how drawing can positively impact your days — and boy, I found a lot of research on this!

Tune in to find out how drawing can boost your mood and positively impact your day to day life!

Let’s Boost Our Moods by Drawing!

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