How to Conserve Energy and Consume Less: When you conserve energy, you're saving the planet! We all could conserve more energy and consume less. Listen to this podcast episode on the Day in the Life podcast to find out how! #environment #sustainability #conservation

This week I chatted with Sean Sublette who is a meteorologist and I loved his simple advice on how we can all make a big impact on our environment by making small changes in our daily lives.

When it comes to making a difference with the effects on our environment, it can seem like a huge daunting task and that there’s no way minor changes can’t help but that’s so not the case! Every little bit adds up and it can add up to massive change.

While I do feel like I’m already doing a lot to help conserve energy (we have a smart thermostat, energy efficient appliances, use LED lights) there’s always more I can do so I want this week’s challenge to be all about conserving more energy and reducing my consumption!

How to Conserve Energy and Consume Less

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